Technology & Benefits

LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear is an amazing new therapeutic, copper-threaded, compression garment for dogs that comes in eleven sizes, to fit all dog body types. Our Wonder Wear contains copper thread woven into a unique polyester fabrication that is 99.9% anti-microbial providing therapeutic value that remains effective for the lifetime of the garment and is machine washable. Designed for dogs suffering from Chronic Arthritis, Allergies, or Anxiety, LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear can be an effective holistic solution to alleviate their discomfort.

Wonder Wear Features
Copper is a required nutrient in both humans and dogs. It has been scientifically tested and proven to kill bacteria and microorganisms commonly associated with skin diseases. This means the knit-in copper can help alleviate itchiness, allergies, and skin irritation. The copper ionization decreases inflammation, and improves circulation and oxygenation to affected areas.  It virtually eliminates pet odor. More information about the benefits of copper can be found here.

LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear features a patented design that envelopes the dog in copper threaded fabric that is adjustable to fit like a glove. This light, hug-like compression has been shown to ease anxiety in dogs suffering from storm or separation stress.

In addition to using the healing properties of copper, and the soothing feeling of security from compression, our Wonder Wear can also help aging dogs with stiffness or pain. A built in pocket runs along the length the garment and easily fits the provided re-usable Warming/Cooling Gel Pack. Heat or cold therapy provides direct pain relief to pets suffering from arthritis, joint inflammation, or muscle related discomfort.

Each LuLu Belle's Wonder Wear therapeutic garment is designed to provide years of comfort, security, and improved health for a wonderful dog. Learn more about our story and LuLu Belle herself, right HERE.

Benefits of Copper Clothing data and research provided by Intertek